Go Party Bus Terms and Conditions.

By paying your deposit is agreeing to our terms and conditions.

  • The minimum deposit amount is $150 to secure your booking on 21/45 Seater buses, And $350 for The Ultimate LimoCoach.  The full amount quoted is payable in cash only and is required on pick up before passengers enter GOPARTYBUS.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of charter full charter cost is still applicable.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of your planned charter 50% of the total charter cost will be due.
  • Please note: All Go Party Buses are fitted with video and audio recording devices. The footage in the event of an incident will be used in a court of law.
  • Your deposit becomes your bond on the date of the event, The driver will refund your deposit/bond in cash after a satisfactory inspection of the bus at the end of your journey.
  • Damage to the bus by you-the hirer or your guests (this includes unpleasant conditions e.g. Vomit) may result in termination of the booking and loss of Deposit/bond.
  • GOPARTYBUS will take action to recover the costs.
  • If your booking is cancelled for any reason, deposits are not refundable.
  • All School Ball booking cancellations require 7 day’s notice prior to the charter booking or the full charter amount is payable.
  • If you cancel your booking when the bus arrives, FULL quoted amount is due payable.
  • If the driver waits more than 15 minutes (up to 30 minutes) for you-the hirer or your guests, you will be charged $50.00; and $50.00 for each half hour thereafter.  We run on time schedules and each delay causes issues with transfers following.  We request for your mobile phone number, so that we can contact you if there are any delays.
  • Smoking on any bus in WA is illegal.  If the hirer or their guests are found to be smoking on the bus at any time, the driver has the right, at his/her discretion to terminate the charter with total moneys paid and Deposit Bond NOT to be refunded.
  • Drinking alcohol on any bus in WA is illegal- this applies to our 21 & 45 seater fleet.  If the hirer or their guests are found to be drinking on the bus at any time, the driver has the right, at his/her discretion to terminate the charter with total moneys paid and Deposit Bond NOT to be refunded. The Ultimate LimoCoach has restricted BYO policy in place.  *Please speak to us about LimoCoach policies
  • Safety comes first; we expect that you and your guests remain inside the vehicle while driving. This includes no hands, arms or other body parts & objects to be outside the vehicle (e.g. windows)
  • Please refrain from speaking to the driver whilst he/she is driving the vehicle.  We ask that if you need to ask any questions you do so at the beginning or end of your journey. Or speak with the host/hirer as they have been advised the planned itinerary.
  • It is recommended that whilst the vehicle is driving you remain seated at all times;  If you choose to dance or move around the vehicle whilst it is not stationary- you do so at your own risk.
  • Drivers can be fined if pulled over and result in loss of license.  Fines can be issued to any or all passengers by the police at any time.  There is also the risk of the Company losing its Charter License.  GOPARTYBUS will not be held responsible for any fines issued and you will be held responsible for the actions of your guests.
  • We take no responsibility for any personal items left on the bus during, or after your event. All personal belongings e.g. jackets, ipods, bags etc are the hirers responsibility.
  • We do not take any responsibility for loss of VIP entry or covering the cost for door charges if you don’t arrive on time to the designated venue.

By making a booking with GOPARTYBUS you are accepting our Hire Terms & Conditions.

Now that is done, go and request a Go Party Bus Hire Perth quote today!


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Perth Party Bus

What Makes GoPartyBus the best party bus you ask?


  The Best in sound throughout with 4 massive sub-woofers and 10 Speakers throughout!

  Be Your own DJ! Plug your tunes into our system with AUX/BLUETOOTH/USB

  Full Custom interiors with Chrome Plate from floor to ceiling with blacked out Windows for that club feeling!

  State of the art DJ designed lighting with Multiple LED Lights, Strobes, Lasers and smoke machines!

  Up to 3 dance poles and separate dance floor Areas! The Best setup in Perth!

  Full Custom Limo style seating throughout!

  TV/DVD Player for birthday presentations videos etc!

  Wheel chair access on selected Buses (silver/Pink)

  Fully Air-conditioned (21 seater, Orange, Pink, silver and Limocoach)

  An Awesome Themed exterior with Black and Green/Red/Blue/Orange/Pink/Silver that turns heads even before the music is on!

  And most important of all, Perth’s Lowest Prices - Get a quote now!

Perth has never seen a party bus quite like this before! So when you wanting to hire Perth's best party bus, for a wine tour in Perth’s scenic Swan Valley, a pub/club crawl with up to 50 of your mates, or just simply a one way or return transfer for a birthday party or special occasion there really is only one place to GO PARTY!